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At any level.

Our mission is to help talents maximize their value and excel in recruitment processes obtaining the best jobs on the market.

Probably the best community for interview preparation you have never seen

Welcome to the World of Hack Your Interview.

From the post-graduate entry level job to the position you've always dreamed of.

Servizi di Preparazione e Coaching per Colloqui di Lavoro - Hack Your Interview
Coaching per Colloqui di Lavoro - Hack Your Interview

He is the first creator of Hack Your Interview and the (masked) face of the company. The creative mind.

What you need to know in 3 points.

Unknown identity.

CEO and Founder


II Team - Hack Your Interview

In January 2023, after the pandemic, he was called back to the Dublin office.

In March 2017 he moved to Prague, where he began his 6 years with Expedia Group. He started from a basic Sales Agent role and in December 2020 he was already managing the entire Acquisition segment of VRBO ITALIA, the vacation rental website of the Expedia Group brand.

He moved to Poland in 2016, worked for a Google Project where he met the rest of the team for the first time. It will be 7 years before they realize what they could do together.



He decided it's time to launch Hack Your Interview.

“Never ever bleed in front of sharks”

Personal Motto:

He doesn't miss trains, but he had to go and get them in these 3 stations:

He is the mastermind behind Hack Your Interview.

Each content of the CVs and coaching hours passes under his direction.

HIY Lead Coach - ITA/ENG/ESP


Andrea - Hack Your Interview

He left the Tech Giant in July 2022 determined to embark on a freelance life and help those who dream of a career like his. After 2 months he founded Corai Stays, a short-term rental brand, managing 5 properties between Italy and Poland.

In 2017 he landed in London where worked for PHD Media (one of the best Marketing agencies in the world) to manage the branding campaigns of Unilever Italia, but it was in 2018 that the call he had been dreaming of for years arrived: Google hired him in Dublin. He worked with prestigious brands in various sectors such as, Mediaset, Versace, Brunello Cucinelli, e-Campus and UniPegaso.

He left Italy at the age of 19 to study Marketing in California. He returned after 2 years, he graduated in International Studies but his springboard is in 2016 when he moved to Poland. He became a professional in Digital Marketing and met The Interview Hacker.



In March 2023 he became Hack Your Interview Lead Coach.

“Dreams Take Courage.”

Personal Motto:

The feminine touch that was missing to make this machine just perfect.

All the latest Hack Your Interview strategic choices started from her intuitions.



Valeria - Hack Your Interview

She started collaborating with us just for fun in April 2023. Her CVs had incredible results and Hack Your Interview has become a reference point in the Polish and Russian-speaking community within Tech companies. In two months.

She is obsessed with everything that is related to communication and psychology. Who is able to master them will pass any interview and her coaching sessions are the perfect example. There is no mind-based trick or strategy that she does not know.

She was born and raised in Kalush, a small town in western Ukraine known for being the homeland of the Eurovision-winning band with the same name. She doesn't like to talk about titles and degrees (she says they're “pieces of paper”) and we won't, she always looks at the practical side.



We couldn’t let her get away

“First impressions aren’t final. Surprise me.”

Personal Motto:

The Team

Colloqui di Lavoro - Hack Your Interview

And they did it.

Hack Your interview started from the idea of 3 colleagues, each with 10+ years of experience in the “Big Techs” and endless company-side interviews behind their back.

One cold March evening they gathered over a glass of Irish whiskey, and realized that with their experience, combined with a solid and active network, they were in a position to revolutionize the world of interviewing.

The History

We won't make you the most deserving candidate in just a few hours of coaching.

Instead, we'll teach you how to position yourself as the one meant for that role.

We are finishers

And we prepare you for exactly that.

Nothing else is required.


A perfect resume to grab attention from the start and an impeccable performance to secure the job

Titles, degrees, and certificates aren't as crucial as you might believe. The most deserving candidate isn't always hired; what truly matters is knowing how to effectively sell and communicate your value

But that is not all.

Interviews, whether conducted by Tech Giants or small local companies, adhere to specific dynamics.

The questions, answer techniques, psychological tricks, and evaluation parameters remain consistent across the board.

You must know something.

What We Do

Servizi di Preparazione per Colloquio di Lavoro - Hack Your Interview

Over the years, we've cultivated direct connections with internal employees across various companies, enabling us to tap into every industry.

Currently, we boast over 100 resources from at least 40 different companies. These employees are ready to share invaluable inside information on recruiting processes, offer their expertise, and sponsor our community members.

A Fantastic Network

What makes us confident that, after coaching with us, you'll beat the competition?

We have one thing that sets us apart: our unique and best strength:

The Community


By joining you will have two

great advantages.

That is, the possibility that companies give to their internal employees to "sponsor" a candidate they deem valid for a vacant position.

Our community is based on the referral system.

you will take advantage of our network. You will receive newsletters, information on the promos we launch and on the positions that open. We'll show you the companies we can 'sponsor' or facilitate recruitment for, and if you match one of these, you can prepare for interviews with our Coaches and apply.

If you are looking for a job


you can take advantage of your company's referral system or simply hire a candidate from our community. Tell us about the vacant positions and at the end of the coaching sessions and in the newsletters we will propose precisely those positions to the members who have a relevant path.

Please note, we will never ask you for any percentage of the referral bonus you will receive.

If you are already working


Amante della vita fuori dalla comfort zone, i treni non se li fa sfuggire, ma è dovuto andarseli a prendere in queste 5 stazioni:

È la mente operativa di Hack Your Interview.

Ogni contenuto dei CV e delle ore di coaching, passa sotto la sua direzione. 

HIY Lead Coach - ITA/ENG/ESP


Lascia nel Luglio 2022 deciso a intraprendere una vita da freelance e aiutare chi sogna una carriera come la sua. Dopo 2 mesi fonda Corai Stays, un brand di affitti a breve termine, gestendo 5 proprietà tra Italia e Polonia.

A Marzo 2023 diventa Hack Your Interview Lead Coach.

Nel 2017 sbarca a Londra dove lavora per PHD Media (una delle migliori agenzie Marketing al mondo) per gestire le campagne branding di Unilever Italia, ma è nel 2018 che arriva la chiamata che sognava da anni: Google lo assume a Dublino. Lavora con brand prestigiosi di vari settori come, Mediaset, Versace, Brunello Cucinelli, e-Campus e UniPegaso.

Il trampolino di lancio è nel 2016 quando si trasferisce in Polonia. Diventa professionista nel Digital Marketing e incontra L’Hacker dei Colloqui.

Lascia l’Italia a 19 anni per studiare Marketing in California. Ritorna dopo 2 anni, si laurea in Studi Internazionali e inizia a smanettare nel Digital Marketing.



Decide che è il momento di lanciare Hack your Interview.

“Dreams Take Courage.”

Frase preferita

Nasce a Kalush, un piccolo paese nell’Ucraina occidentale noto per essere la patria della band vincitrice dell’Eurovision.



A Dicembre 2022 gestisce tutto il segmento di Acquisizione di VRBO ITALIA, il sito di case vacanze dell brand Expedia.

Non ce la siamo fatta scappare.

Ha iniziato a collaborare con noi per gioco, i suoi coaching hanno avuto risultati incredibili e Hack Your Interview è diventata un punto di riferimento nella comunità polacca e russofona delle Tech. In due mesi.

Non le piace parlare di titoli (dice che “sono pezzi di carta”) e non lo faremo, guarda sempre e solo al lato pratico.



Decide che è il momento di lanciare Hack your Interview.

“If it’s growing slowly, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening”

Frase preferita

Che poi basta fare una ricerca su Linkedin per trovarlo facilmente.

E’ il primo ideatore di Hack Your Interview e il volto (mascherato) dell’azienda.

Identità Sconosciuta.

CEO and founder


A Dicembre 2022 gestisce tutto il segmento di Acquisizione di VRBO ITALIA, il sito di case vacanze dell brand Expedia.

Nel Gennaio 2023, dopo la pandemia viene richiamato nell’ufficio di Dublino.

A Marzo del 2017 si trasferisce a Praga, dove inizierà i suoi 6 anni con Expedia Group.

Si trasferisce in Polonia nel 2016, lavorando per TTEC, outsourcing di Google dove conoscerà quel vecchio filibustiere del lead coach.



Decide che è il momento di lanciare Hack your Interview.

“If it’s growing slowly, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening”

Frase preferita

Our Services

Resume Drafting


You share with us the necessary information and we do the rest, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your new Resume.

Coaching 1 hour


60 minutes to identify your professional goals, work on areas for improvement and address the key points to pass any job interview.

Coaching 3 hours


Much more than just coaching sessions. This is a real personal training journey.

Tinker Package


Resume Drafting + 1 hour of Coaching

Ideal if you need a powerful and effective Resume but at the same time there are parts of your Linkedin profile or interviews that you would like to optimize.

Supreme Hacker Package 


Resume Drafting + 3 hours of Coaching

Little to add, you are in the Olympus of Hackers.

All the decennial experience of our Coaches at your service.

Tech Hacker Package


Resume Drafting + 3 hours of Targeted Coaching


It is the Supreme Hacker Package but incredibly more targeted.

The goal is simple: get hired by a Big Tech.

Resume Review


All you have to do is share your most recent Resume with us via Google Doc.

We will study it, analyze it and leave you targeted comments section by section.

Resume Translation


The translation is contextualized. We will not simply translate word for word.

We will make a total reconstruction of the concepts in the desired language keeping the focus on the keywords.

What are you waiting for??

You will have access to discount codes and up to 20% commission, the highest affiliate percentage in Europe.

We already have 20+ affiliates worldwide.

Send us a message with a brief introduction, and you'll have the opportunity to promote our project within your contacts

Do you want to collaborate directly with the team of

Hack Your Interview?

Become a Hacker


Satisfied with the result, they took in consideration all my requests and put into practice

Everything ok, very experienced guys

Giuseppe Nicosia

I had an interview with a local company and I didn't think they could help me that much.However, Andrea was able to give me good advice

They surprised me!

Claudia Rossetti

They are good and practical. I used the service for an interview with a large company in…

Very useful coaching.


They know how interviews work in all details. they are specialists...

Very good and low prices

Stephen Poletto

They are little known for the quality they offer. Andrea's experience was tangible, everything went well...

Nice project

Elio M.

The company is new but in my opinion they have a great potential. I liked the attitude...

Positive experience


See all reviews

  • I'm interested in the services but I don't have enough budget, how can I do?
    If you don't have 500 euros (and it's the maximum amount) to invest to get potentially a salary of up to 10x the initial investment, there's no doubt you need our services. The problem is mindset rather than financial. Contact us and we will find a solution.
  • What exactly does it mean to be sponsored and/or referred?
    Good people know good people. When a company opens a position, it often leaves it up to internal employees to recommend an external person they think is a good fit. When an external candidate applies through a referral link sent by an employee, in case of hiring, the employee is rewarded from 500 to 5k $. That's why an employee is so motivated to "help out". Sponsorship can also be without referral link if the company does not provide it (it often happens in Italy). You have access to information on the selection processes and all the material available to us on that specific company. You will still receive our help and the one of an internal employee but the company won’t reward the employee in official ways.
  • In which industries do you specialize?
    There is no industry where we cannot reach. Our community of 100+ internal employees who collaborate with us every day allows us to have up-to-date information in any sector you want to work. Obviously, all our Coaches come from the world of Big Tech (mostly based in Ireland and Switzerland), and that is our core where we ALWAYS make a difference. But don't worry, we're effective everywhere. Test us!
  • Why the mask?
    Unlike many experts who work in this sector (just take a tour on Instagram and Tik Tok) we are completely on your side. We have worked for years as employees but we don't like that world. Now we want to help you, thanks to our experience, to hack their systems and win you golden salaries to one day be in our position of having the choice. The mask is the symbol of their secrets, which are revealed through our Resumes and Coaching sessions. It is not just a company, Hack Your Interview is an ideal.
  • What happens if I finish my coaching sessions but there is no open position in the community that interests me?
    Our services are investments in your personal training. We believe it is even better not to address Resumes and Coaching sessions at a specific position from the beginning. In this way you will have access to all general information and then, at a second stage, when a position that interests you opens up, you will have absolute priority and you will benefit from our support. Without time limits. Forever. Just stay subscribed to our newsletter.


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